About Advania

Welcome to IT

Advania is a leading Nordic IT company which offers diverse services and solutions which include software, ERP systems, consulting, hardware, IT operations, hosting and data centre services. Advania covers information technology from A to Z, offering its customers a one-stop-shop for integrated IT services and solutions.
We pride ourselves in providing customers the best possible service, a diverse but integrated range of solutions and services, a competent and innovative professional staff, and proven managerial skills. Our operations are certified by the international quality and security standards ISO 9001 and 27001. 
Our solutions are used by a diverse group of customers in the public and private sectors. 

History of Advania

The Advania roots go back to 1939 when the Icelandic company EJS was founded. In 1952 Skýrr was founded.
From late 2009 and to early 2012, Advania underwent a series of mergers and modifications and has now emerged as a leading information technology company in the Nordic region.
The transformation began on November 18th 2009, when four companies merged, forming a 340-employee IT company under the name of Skýrr: Skýrr (180 employees), Kögun (80 employees), Landsteinar Strengur (40 employees), and Eskill (20 employees). On November 10th 2010, EJS, with 160 employees merged with Skýrr.
The series of mergers culminated in early 2011 with the merger of Teymi and Skýrr in a 500-employee company. At that point, three of Skýrr’s affiliates within the Teymi group became Skýrr subsidiaries. Those subsidiaries were 100-employee HugurAx in Reykjavík, 200-employee Hands AS in Norway and 300-employee Kerfi AB in Sweden.
In January 2012 Skýrr and HugurAx in Iceland, Kerfi in Sweden and Hands in Norway merged under one name: Advania. The company has a staff of 1000 and operates in three countries.
In 2014 the Swedish investment group AdvInvest acquired a majority stake in Advania. 


Advania has an extensive partner network which includes most of the leading IT companies in the world: 
  • Alcatel-Lucent
  • APC
  • Cisco
  • Dell
  • EMC
  • HP
  • IBM
  • IBM Cognos
  • Microsoft
  • NCR
  • Nintex
  • Oracle
  • SAP BusinessObjects
  • Software AG
  • Targit
  • Thawte
  • Tibco
  • TrendMicro
  • VeriSign
  • Verizon
  • VMWare

Society and Environment

Advania places great emphasis on being a responsible member of society and a company where its employees are valued and customers get first rate service. Advania supports a select number of causes which benefit and strengthen the community. We believe that social responsibility of companies should not only materialize in financial grants to causes, companies can also have a positive impact on society by setting a good example in their actions.

Partnerships Reflected in Our Values

Advania has three partnerships that are based on our core values of agility, skill and passion.
Our partnership with the Children With Cancer Supporting Trust in Iceland mens that Icelandic children under the age of 6 who have been diagnosed with cancer receive a Dell laptop computer to assist them with schoolwork and facilitate communication with family and friends. Advania runs the IT systems of the trust.
Advania provides The Icelandic Handball Association with IT services and software development for its websites. This includes the development of a system to display the schedule for handball tournaments Iceland online. 
Advania has a partnership with Reykjavik University which aims to increase the number of graduates in business intelligence, management, and information technology. This is achieved by financial support but also by working closely with the university in teaching, the development of courses and disseminating knowledge. 

Environmental Policy

Advania follows strict policies to ensure that the we comply environmental regulations. Advania protects our natural resources by doing the following: 

Conserving, reusing, and recycling

When it is feasible, Advania conserves natural resources by using recycled materials and supplies, efficiently using energy. Advania encourages and supports the sustainable use of renewable natural resources.

Reducing and disposing of waste

Advania reduces and where possible eliminates waste through source reduction and recycling at company facilities. All waste is safely and responsibly handled and disposed of.

Selling and procuring safe and sustainable products

Advania urges partners and suppliers to develop, manufacture, and market products that are safe for their intended use. Our environmental policies and practices aim to protect, conserve, and sustain the world's natural resources and also protect Advania customers and the communities where we live and operate.

Making environmental stewardship part of our business relationships

At Advania, we strive to incorporate our environmental principles into our business relationships. We seek similar commitments to the environment from our major suppliers. We participate in industry groups to set industry standards on environmental practices. We strive to keep our customers informed about our efforts, and we welcome their feedback. 

Continually improving our performance

We set objectives and targets to ensure continuous improvement in our environmental performance. Advania values employee contributions to our environmental initiatives. We regularly review our business activity and assess our environmental programs, practices, and goals to evaluate progress and identify areas in which we can make further improvement. 

Demonstrating responsibility to our stakeholders

We engage our stakeholders about our objectives and targets, and we periodically communicate our progress to the board of directors, shareholders and customers.