Advania Sverige AB is a well-established IT company and one of the leading market players.

700 employees


1000+ customers


13 offices



Customer satisfaction

With full-service offerings, we can help our clients with everything from traditional IT to IT driven innovation. Together with hand-picked partners we provide solutions and services that cover the entire life cycle of a company. From design, architecture and implementation to support, service and maintenance.

Our strength is defined by flexibility and scalability in combination with close relations to our clients. Our experience tells us that a long-term partnership is the best way to achieve customer satisfaction and great business results. That is one of several reasons why we have some of the most satisfied clients on the market today.

We have experts in a wide range of areas which together create virtual expert groups within our business offerings. This guarantees that our clients always have quick access to expertise about their specific area of interest. Our services are divided into nine business areas with experts that help our clients with their unique challenges.

Advania Sweden offers Managed Services with highly accessible and secure operation, along with management of entire IT environments or specific functions and services. The right information on the right place, where all the employees are Swedish citizens and are operating within the Swedish boarders with a 24/7 support.  


Advania Sweden offers Digitize solutions, automate solutions, streamline solutions and processes for documentation. We are also experts in Custom solutions for all types of client interaction – in all channels.

We provide solutions for automating, consolidating, controlling and maintaining cloud services, licenses and consulting. Datacenter solutions. Server, storage and network services as well as contract control. 

 We are Microsoft specialists. Consultants with the highest certifications for Microsoft ”MVP” and infrastructure experts.

We offer application and web development as well as identity solutions - customized for each client. 

Our expertise lie in educational pedagogy material and solutions for private and municipal schools.

Advania Sweden also provides Workplace as a service with self-service. A unique Swedish service and application management - regardless of computer and equipment.


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Our Executive Management Team

management image

Tomas Wanselius


Has been leading Advania Sweden since 2017. Before that he was the CEO of Caperio AB which was acquired by Advania in 2017

management image

Robert Schwartz


Has been with Advania Sweden since 2006 and he was previous the controller in Finance

management image

Magnus Wemby

HR Manager

Has been with Advania Sweden since 2001 and has more than 25years executive experience in the IT business

management image

Erik Werner

Manager Business Support

Has been with Advania Sweden since 2017 and was previous the Manager in Business Support of Caperio AB how was acquisition by Advania in 2017

management image

Göran Gustavsson

Chief Operations Officer

Has been with Advania Sweden since more or less its predecessors since 1978 as various roles such as Consultant Manager, Business Area Managers etc

management image

David Pohanka

Manager Workplace

Has been with Advania Sweden since 2017 and was previous the Manager in Workplace of Caperio AB how was acquisition by Advania in 2017

management image

Tobias Öien

Manager IT Infrastructure

Has been with Advania Sweden since 2016 and was previous the CEO of Knowledge Factory which was acquired by Advania in 2016

management image

Eva-Lotta Jonsvik


Eva-Lotta Jonsvik has been with Advania Sweden since 2020 ans was previous Head of Enterprise Marketing at Telia AB before she got recruited to Advania.