10.000 attend open lectures

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Advania´s open educational events in cooperation with the universities, consulting firms and clients have been prominent in the company´s calendar. The events are consciously planned as reciprocation to customers and society as whole by providing education and useful knowledge. The meetings are held under the company´s slogan: “Welcome”. The events are well publicized and attendance more than adequate. Usually the programme constitutes of a moderate mix of lectures by experts and costumers with a modest contribution from the staff. 

Examples of this are the breakfast meetings, regularly attracting between 100 and 300 guests, autumn conference in Reykjavík with 800 participants and a 150 strong spring conference in Akureyri, as well as several other popular events for clients. Visits by university students in the fields of science and technology are also crowded, with four such visits taking place last year. It should be noted that aforementioned events are invariably open to everyone and free of charge.