Advania Sweden School Partner in a new ground-breaking cooperation against bullying

(Photo: Regina Lund)

Advania, has signed an exclusive collaboration agreement with GoSpeak UP International AB regarding an innovation designed to actively counter bullying and exclusion at school. The collaboration includes the Non-Violence Project Foundation (NVPF), with international experience of similar projects. The cooperation and method offer a whole new approach to bullying in Swedish schools.

"Our agreement with GoSpeak Up International AB, in which we act as an exclusive partner together with NVPF, for the Swedish market - gives us the opportunity to provide Swedish schools with a digital tool, that gives the student a stronger voice to counteract exclusion," says Stefan Henriksson, business area manager at Advania School Partner and promoter of the collaboration."

Advania School Partner, provides schools with digital education tools. This is the reason why Advania also takes a sustainable responsibility, to provide tools to counter bullying and exclusion, during school hours.

Advania Education Partner, has chosen to exclusively collaborate with GoSpeak UP International AB, which has developed the industry's most innovative tool for countering bullying. A method and tool tailored to suit the digital reality of our teachers and schoolchildren daily.

The method has been developed in collaboration with the Non-Violence Project Foundation (NVPF), which trained over 8 million students, teachers, athletes and volunteers, in conflict management, self-esteem and the non-violence philosophy. NVPF has won numerous awards for Best Practice.

"Speak UP! gives the young one's a strong voice. It's an important part of finding out what's really going on in school and online. Developing new tools with the students is crucial for creating commitment to these issues and only then, a real change can come true. I look forward to working with Advania, which has a strong organization and the widest network for the schools in Sweden. Our cooperation will contribute to increased security, which in turn creates the conditions for better school results, "said Tobias Wernius, Global Development Manager GoSpeak UP."

The security tool GoSpeak UP consists of three parts;

A Security App, Speak UP! with associated forums named, Stand UP! In this forum young people can share experiences and be inspired by good ideas. The app Speak UP! gives the school and its managers an overview of all incidents that occurs in and around their school. With that insight you can then use Learn UP! This is an educational library where the school can obtain relevant education programs that reflect the specific challenges that just their school faces.

All in all, students are given a voice and the school management are given a tool to identify, prevent and manage bullying and harassment in all its forms, as well as other unacceptable behaviours in school and online.

Advania wants to prevent bullying in Swedish schools and sees this from a sustainable perspective, by taking responsibility towards the younger generation.

"We have chosen to collaborate with Advania School Partner, because of their wide network, and competence around digital education in Swedish schools. This is to ensure that our message reaches as many Swedish schools as possible." Says Zena Fialdini, Non-Violence Project Sweden."

(Representatives from; Advania Education, GoSpeak UP and Non-Violence Project Foundation)

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