Advania contributes at Norwegian Cyber Security Convention

Today HackCon kicks off in Oslo. For four days, the security convention will provide expertise for IT-professionals on current and future cyber - and information challenges. Advania Norway play significant roles as speakers.

HackCon will provide the participants with knowledge about the latest cyber threats. This year the focus is learning how data in the cloud can be misused and how to protect them, also how even the most secure authentication systems can be hacked and how to secure them.

preHackCon takes place in advance of HackCon, a two day in depth course that addresses contemporary topics adapted to Norwegian conditions. Chief Technical Architect and MVP Oddvar Håland Moe and Technical Architect Karim El-Melhaoui from Advania will conduct the seminar "Master of Windows Defense" which focuses on how businesses can best protect their Windows environment to better tolerate attacks.

At HackCon starting February14th, Oddvar Håland Moe will present "Windows binary files - A real adventure in vulnerabilities". This session is suitable for anyone interested in the current threat picture and gaining insight into the challenges of the future.

Oddvar Håland Moe was recently acknowledged for detecting weaknesses in Windows 10.

About HackCon: