Advania signs a major contract with Stockholm stad

Caperio AB, part of Advania Sweden, today signs a significant agreement with Stockholm stad, for the delivery of digital equipment to all municipal preschools and schools.

At this writing, Advania Sweden's CEO, Tomas Wanselius, signs the agreement with Stockholm stad to provide all municipal preschools and schools, with modern digital equipment.

"Of course, we are very pleased and look forward to providing the preschools and schools in Stockholm with quality equipment. Advania School Partner is at the forefront when it comes to digital learning in our Swedish schools and has driven development in harmony with the teacher’s curriculum, for many years. We are both proud and humble for this task. Above all, we are proud to contribute to the digital evolution in our schools and to provide the next generation access to future learning," says Tomas Wanselius, CEO, Advania Sweden.

The agreement runs for two years and encompasses all public preschools and schools in Stockholm. Advania will deliver 55,000 digital devices per year, with an estimated value of 500 MSEK altogether.

“We are very satisfied with this agreement and the fact that we will have access to modern IT-service, that will support the Stockholm preschools and schools, in their digitization efforts. We look forward to collaborating with Advania AB, for a modern and uniform education, through increased flexibility in access to digital devices,” says Johanna Engman, acting CIO, Stockholm stad.

About Advania School Partner
For many years, Caperio School Partner has been an established partner with solid experience in providing digital equipment to schools across the country. Caperio, nowadays part of Advania, works with school management and offers in addition to hardware- and software, also education, as well as tools to prevent bullying. More than half of Advania School Partner’s employees have a background working within the school system, such as teachers, principals, etc. Their hands-on experience, provides a good understanding of the everyday work at Swedish preschools and schools, and furthermore how to support and improve it.

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For more information please contact:

Tomas Wanselius, CEO Advania Sweden
Phone: +46 70 454 35 24

Stefan Henriksson, Business Area Manager School Partner, Advania Sweden
Phone: +46 73 625 75 09