Transparency Throughout The Value Chain for a Sustainable Development

Advania on site with subcontractors in China

As part of Advania's commitment to sustainability, Sustainability Manager Helena Nordin traveled to China to visit subcontractors. A journey arranged by Advania's partner Dell.

Advania has a code of conduct regarding all our suppliers, that clarifies our expectations of partners who are often multinational companies with complex global supplier networks. Advania's Code of Conduct is based on the ten principles from The UN Global Compact Initiative, which deals with respect for human rights, prohibiting child labor, requirements for good working conditions, systematic environmental work and anti-corruption efforts.

“By visiting the factories on site, we highlight the importance of good working conditions in our supply chain. In recent years, we have built up our program for assessing supplier risk. Furthermore, how we evaluate our suppliers and ensure that they continue to work on setting up requirements throughout the supply chain. Together with our partner Dell, we follow up on how the work is progressing, we will continue to do so on a regular basis, preferably with all of our partners", says Helena Nordin, Sustainability Manager at Advania, and also states that:

"It was particularly inspiring to attend the opening of this year's competition in Digital Creation aimed for schoolchildren. Dell is a sponsor of the “China Youth 21st Century Skills National Competition”, where schoolchildren from different parts of the country compete with digital solutions for different sustainability challenges”.

For Advania, it is extremely important that our partners have an open dialogue with us, regarding the working conditions and environmental aspects throughout the supply chain. We also see the requirements for transparency from our customers who want to know more about this kind of questions today. Visiting subcontractors in China personally, is an example of transparency. We strongly encourage all our partners to take initiatives like this.

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