The Icelandic government finalizes agreement with Advania and Microsoft

The agreement includes access to the latest version of the Office 365 software package for all government agencies. Advania is the largest Microsoft sales and service provider in Iceland and submitted the best offer with the tender for the implementation of the agreement. Advania provides services to users and also advice on licenses. This is the first time that the Icelandic government has made a comprehensive agreement on software and licenses from Microsoft. Previously, each agency and ministry made their own agreements, and there were a total of 104 valid agreements with the Icelandic government.

With this, significant savings are achieved, and the agreement guarantees small agencies the same price as the larger ones. The overview of licenses by the government will be better, and it will be possible to transfer the licenses between institutions and increase their utilization. 

"We believe we have achieved profitable agreements with Microsoft, as they have guaranteed higher discount rates to government agencies than are on offer to many of our neighboring countries. The agreement is part of a larger government campaign aimed at increasing and improving public services. Every year, ISK 200 million will be saved by virtue of the agreement, which in the future means savings of billions. These savings can be used for the development of digital services, thereby increasing the efficiency of government agencies," says Bjarni Benediktsson, Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs.

"It is especially satisfying for Advania to provide services to the Icelandic government and gratifying how much optimization is achieved through a new contract with Microsoft. We at Advania have years of experience in software consulting and have in recent years built up a powerful team of consultants in this field. Part of this was the acquisition of the Swedish company Caperio last year, which provides us with strong support in this project," says Ægir Már Þórisson, CEO of Advania.