Advania launches Marketplace as a Service

Advania Managed Services launches a new international service - Marketplace as a Service. The service is unique and enables sales, handling and invoicing of everything as a service through a one portal. This allows your customers to access more than a thousand cloud services from the international distributor Ingram Micro, while adding your own cloud services as well as other distributors and suppliers’ assortment to your portal.

Marketplace as a Service is different from other marketplaces because of the unlimited flexibility. The solution expands the marketplace by opening doors to other marketplaces, that was previously unavailable, to boost sales and customer satisfaction. 

Photo: Daniel Albertsson, Nordic Cloud Manager Advania, demonstrates the new Service.

Advania Marketplace is a cloud-based White Label solution based on CloudBlue (former ODIN) and further developed by Advania. The platform offers a full-scale marketplace with "all as a service".

Marketplace as a Service further expands the marketplace and allows the customer to apply the company’s design according to their graphic profile and rapidly go to market with IaaS to SaaS base services. The fact that it is completely service-based also means that the client does not need to invest in operating and maintaining a complex platform.

Features of Marketplace as a Service:

  • Offers everything as a service
  • Accelerates "Go to Market" - launches new services in minimal time
  • Recognition of the manufacturer at the time of sale
  • Offers packaged consulting services
  • Complete integration with ERP / CRM
  • Control of economy and automatic update of exchange rates
  • To sell the company‘s own services
  • Offers the customer access to unlimited cloud services through multiple vendors

Macforum specializes in Apple products and is represented across Sweden, with authorized service agencies and extensive e-commerce. They are also one of Advania's first customers who have chosen Marketplace as a Service. Initially they are offering; Office365, Skykick and DropBox through the portal. The plan is to expand the marketplace gradually with, for example, "hardware as a service" to the B2B and B2C market. In addition, we will integrate Marketplace as a Service with existing business and e-commerce systems.

Photo: Joakim Bank, Business Development Manager and Partner, Macforum.

"Advania Marketplace as a service, is something we have been looking for and the solution fits very well into our B2B venture. Since we introduced the platform, we can offer and sell new types of subscriptions more easily as well as other cloud services with a satisfied customer as a result. We previously spent a lot of time tracking costs and billing, while we now have gained control. We are very pleased that we have chosen Advania's solution and look forward to a continued collaboration," says Joakim Bank," Business Development Manager at Macforum.

During the Cloud Summit Event in Florida, USA, Advania recently received the award, "Best European Marketplace". The size of the marketplace is flexible and adapted to the needs of the customer.

Photo: Daniel Albertsson, Nordic Cloud Manager Advania

"For us it is important to offer the right solution in harmony with our customer‘s business. We are off course proud to recieve the prize "Best Marketplace in Europe" from the world‘s largest distributor. It proves that we are on track with our offer. Our pilot customer is up and running Marketplace as a Service and more resellers are contracted and will soon be able to offer "everything as a service" throgh the portal. We strive to be a reliable business partner that supports our clients in partnership, on their journey to subscription-based services,"says Daniel Albertsson Nordic Manager Cloud Services Advania.

Advania Marketplace: