Close customer dialogue leads to prize for cloud service

Advania’s Marketplace named best ecosystem for cloud services in the EMEA region at CloudBlue Connect 2018 in Munich.

Photo: Richard Dufty, Senior Vice President CloudBlue, CEO Cobweb, Anton Skornas, Cloud Architect, Advania and Value Added Services O2 

“We’re extremely agile, and way ahead of our suppliers and our competitors when it comes to flexibility and simplicity. A lot of the innovation comes from the close dialogue we enjoy with our customers and I’m convinced that this prize is the result of the fact that we’re ahead of the game and always looking after our customers’ service needs in our Marketplace,” explains Daniel Albertsson, Nordic Manager Cloud Services at Advania.  

Advania Marketplace is a service that sells, manages and bills cloud services to and for end customers via a dedicated portal. As a customer, you log in to gain access to over a thousand cloud services that are ultimately administered via an invoice. The solution is based on CloudBlue technology and is also available as what is known as a white-label service, where other resellers and distributors are able to sell on the service to their own customers under their own brand.  

Flexibility and the ability to pursue development with customers and partners were the key factors behind CloudBlue selecting Advania Marketplace as the best ecosystem for cloud services in the EMEA region at the recent CloudBlue conference in Munich. At the conference, which brought together resellers and integrators from across the EMEA region, cloud architect Anton Skornas also shared Advania Marketplace’s recipe for success in both panel debates and a general session.  

“We have a platform for the future that’s unique in providing the whole package. If you’re a customer who wants to run, say, Azure or Office365, our Marketplace is perfect, but there are also many other specialised services here," Albertsson enthuses.