Lowell opts for new contact centre platform when moving into the Nordic region

When the credit management firm Lowell decided to expand into the Nordic countries, it opted to use Pure Connect as its contact centre platform.

“Lowell is about to set out on a very interesting path to growth and is in the process of putting itself on an even stronger footing by establishing itself in the Nordic countries. We’re really happy to be playing a part in that journey and now have the opportunity to deliver a contact centre platform that facilitates really great interactions with customers,” comments Pär Lindström, Customer Relationship Manager for Communication Centres at Advania.

Lowell is opting for Pure Connect from Genesys as its new contact centre platform for the Nordic region. The platform will be rolled out for 650 agents in the Nordic region (including Estonia) in Q1 of 2019. This will be taking place in connection with the company establishing itself in the Nordic countries.  

“For us at Lowell, it is a top priority for our customers to have the best possible experience in all their interactions with us. That means we have to maintain a high and consistent level of service, something that includes offering a range of different ways of getting in contact with us, so that our employees get a 360-degree view of the customers who contact us. In this way we ensure a consistent customer experience in our contact centre platform”, explains Mikael Kiltorp, Head of Infrastructure Services at Lowell.

In choosing Pure Connect, Lowell is moving from a client-based to a web and digital-based contact centre platform. The platform provides functions for chatbots and instant messaging for Facebook and Twitter. All the functionality is built into the platform so that there is no need for third-party providers. Advania is responsible for supplying and operating its contact centre platform. The agreement was signed on 1 October 2018 and will run for three years with an option for extension.