Hjort law firm chooses cloud-based ERP

The law firm Hjort modernizes and digitizes their own processes. The company's 90 lawyers will operate independently of time, place and physical documents. As the first major law firm in Norway, Hjort has chosen Advania Legal 365.


"ERP is the heart of our business. In the business system, we have all data about customers, projects and employees, all financial information, in sum the way we work. We now choose a solution that is safe, flexible and always updated.", says Christopher J. Helgeby, CEO at Hjort.

Microsoft platform
He explains the choice of system based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform: 

"We get a standardized solution that also covers our more special needs as a law firm. Integrations with third-party vendors are easy, without special adaptation of the solution. Functionality is forward-looking and allows us to offer better and more customized services for customers." 

Helgeby says that Hjort's lawyers will be operating digitally. With the new cloud-based solution, they will register work hours, travel expenses and create invoices, regardless of whether they are in court, home or on travel. 

"Hjort has been a good customer for several years and we are pleased that they will digitize their lawyers' everyday life by using the comprehensive Microsoft platform and the lawyer specific solutions we have developed," says Espen B. Hartz, CEO at Advania.

Christopher J. Helgeby, CEO Hjort.

"Advania is a partner we can challenge, a partner who challenges us. We are confident in the expertise provided by Advania,says Helgeby. When implementing Advania Legal 365, Helgeby expects that much will be the same, only easier for the users. "I think most people will experience the introduction of our new business systems as a relief."