UN membership puts focus on sustainability

The United Nations Global Compact is a corporate sustainability initiative for businesses and other organisations. Advania is now taking the next step towards Group-wide sustainability by joining the Global Compact.

“We are proud of our membership in the UN Global Compact, which establishes sustainability commitments for Advania Norway and the whole Advania Group. The principles of the Global Compact provide important guidance in sustainability and broaden our focus to encompass human rights, labour rights and anti-corruption, in addition to Advania Norway’s existing environmental initiatives,” comments Silje Korshavn Grønstad, HR Manager, Advania Norway.

For a number of years, Advania Sweden has based its sustainability efforts on the Global Compact's ten principles in the areas of human rights, labour rights, the environment and anti-corruption, and has issued a report every year in accordance with the principles of the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) standards. As a Global Compact member, the entire Advania Group will issue a consolidated sustainability report every year and contribute financially to the Global Compact’s activities.

“Becoming a member of the UN Global Compact signals a clear commitment on the part of Advania’s management. We are taking a stand on important human and environmental values and aim to be transparent about the development of our sustainability efforts,” says Grønstad.

About the Global Compact

Member companies commit to making the Global Compact a natural part of their business strategies, organisational cultures and daily work. The Global Compact currently has 9,933 member companies in 160 countries. The initiative is aimed at getting an increasing number of businesses to implement and report on sustainability goals to promote a stable and inclusive market, which will ultimately result in successful and stable societies. Read more: www.unglobalcompact.org