Advania partners with 50skills

Advania and 50skills partner to accelerate a more modern approach to hiring and onboarding employees.

Photo: Kristjan Kristjansson, Ægir Mar Thorisson and Margret Gunnlaugsdottir.

Advania and 50skills have entered into a partnership agreement to mutually introduce and service 50skills’ product offering. 50skills provides a software solution that simplifies the most time-consuming and complex elements of hiring. Through this partnership, Advania, a leading Nordic IT-provider, will be responsible for selling and servicing the 50skills solution in Iceland with support from 50skills.

"The way employers find and hire people is changing. Automation plays a bigger role, and social media is growing in importance in how employers source candidates. Communication tools are also starting to be become a natural extension of software in the workplace, with tools such as Slack and Workplace leading the way," says Kristjan Kristjansson, co-founder and CEO of 50skills.

"2018 was great for 50skills, adding hundreds of monthly hires from clients using our services. With our partnership and collaboration with Advania, we look forward to expanding our offering and bring more of our newest Research and Development into the market," says Kristjan.

"50skills is a powerful addition to our existing HR offering, which helps employers with all the challenges they face from hiring candidates to their retirement. We look forward to introducing 50skills to a growing group of customers who want to approach hiring and onboarding new employees in a modern and more effective way," says Margret Gunnlaugsdottir Director of Human Resources Solutions at Advania Iceland.

"Our partnership with 50skills shows the true spirit of how Advania wants to provide its services. Instead of inventing the wheel and building solutions from the ground up, we pick and choose the best partners on the market and adapt them to meet growing needs from our customer base," says Ægir Mar Thorisson, CEO of Advania Iceland.