Sustainable offers will make IT a driving force for customers' sustainability work

In line with Advania signing the UN Global Compact's 10 principles, the Advania Group continues its work on a better future with the concept Sustainable offers, initially focusing on the Swedish market. The initiative aims to take a more comprehensive approach to involve and facilitate the customers' environmental and sustainability work.

Photo: Helena Nordin, Sustainability Manager at Advania Sweden

“In recent years, we have focused on taking responsibility for sustainability and environmental issues internally. Now we take the next step and make sustainability part of the business strategy and delivering’s to customers. It should be easy to choose Advania also from a sustainability perspective”, says Helena Nordin, Sustainability Manager at Advania Sweden.

In the past year, Advania signed the UN Global Compact's 10 principles. The Group's ambition is now to use the environment and sustainability to take responsibility far beyond the company's own borders, which is presented in the Sustainability Report for 2018.

“We see IT as an enabler, catalyst and driving force in active environmental and sustainability work, here we want to be an important part of the solution to global warming. By offering services and tools in sustainable IT and digitalization, we can play an active role in achieving an environmentally and socially sustainable society.”

Customers come from all sectors and parts of society, the common denominator being that all are in the process of extensive digitalization. And there is great potential to reduce climate emissions using IT.

“We can achieve the greatest effect by contributing to our customers' businesses and how they can reduce their climate impact with the help of more sustainable IT and digitalization. Of course, we also take responsibility for the environmental impact of our own business in order to inspire both the industry and the outside world to do the same.”

Sustainability work is based on the economic, social and environmental areas that are most important for the business and is divided into three areas: Sustainable Advania for the internal work, Sustainable offering for everything that is delivered to the customer and Sustainable supply chain controls the choice of suppliers.

“It feels very satisfying to see the concrete results from the ambitious sustainability commitment Advania Sweden made a few years ago. The successes, challenges and lessons learned, that is reported in this year’s Sustainability report, will be very useful when expanding the sustainability program to the whole Advania group”, says Mikael Noaksson, CEO of Advania group.

Link to Advanias Sustainability report 2019