Advania Sweden sets a new record at the Guldmyran 2020 awards - wins five prizes

Advania was nominated in nine out of twelve categories at the honorable Swedish award show Guldmyran last week. Five of these nominations resulted in an award. That's a new record for Advania, who won prizes for best HP Personal System, HPE As a Service, HP Strategic Deal, HPE Intelligent Edge and HPE Partner of the Year.

The winners of Guldmyran 2020 in the category HPE Partner of the Year. 


Guldmyran is an annual gala arranged by HP and HPE to recognize their best strategic partners, out of a total of about 500 companies. Last week, Guldmyran was held for the 17th time. The prizes were awarded out of twelve categories.  Out of these twelve awards, Advania was nominated for nine and won five.

Guldmyran is a worshipful and glamorous event for the Swedish IT sector. Apart from the award ceremony, the gala consists of insightful discussions between suppliers and clients, inspiration in form of the latest from HPE and HP plus a gala banquet. “Guldmyra” means golden ant in Swedish. The story behind the award is that HP and HPE want to highlight the strategic partner companies that are as hardworking and collaborative as ants.

The most honorable prize that Advania was awarded during the evening was the HPE Partner of the Year. The nomination was as follows:

“This partner is already one of this year's big winners - with an offer and a business model that creates possibilities for the customer to grow faster than the market. They provide focus,  competence, sustainability combined with flexibility, agility and a love for simple solutions. HPE is proud and happy to collaborate with you in so many interesting, challenging and inspiring projects. We value the open-minded teamwork and the mutual confidence that we developed during the past years. We feel safe in knowing that you always do your best for the client. At the moment, you are doing everything right.”

"To be nominated in nine categories is incredible. To win in five of these is amazing, especially considering our competition. I could never in my dreams believe that we would achieve this - to win a total of 27 ‘golden ants’ during the last years. The fact that we won the HP Strategic Deal of the year, as well as the prestigious HPE Partner of the Year, is also an indication that we are doing something right. We can see that a clear strategy together with HP and HPE leads to both higher customer satisfaction and growth", says Daniel Albertsson, Marketing Director at Advania Sverige AB.

These are the other nominations.

HP Personal System
“It is not enough to just find a solution that suits the IT department and the wallet. With your genuine ambition to make a difference within the business, all the way out to the end users, you really make an impact. In a reality that is characterized by high expectations and small margins, you have an ability to explain why the cheap option is not always the best option. That makes both you, us and the customer win.

HP Strategic Deal
“A big deal is a process where every step has its own logic. To succeed, you need to have knowledge, experience, flexibility and - last but not least: endurance. We are proud and happy that you chose to be on this journey with HP. The biggest deal of the year did not just mean a huge income, it also taught us that we can win tough negotiations together, even though we have hard competition. We salute a fighter.”

HPE as a Service
“It has its advantages to lead the front line. You always grow and develop your competence as well as expanding your offer when the ‘as a service market’ grows. With focus on quality and service, in a perfect symbiosis with HPE in all areas, this company keeps all of their clients and attracts new ones as well. The Guldmyra of the year goes to a partner who has shown that they can compete on a global market. And they will surely do so!”

HPE Intelligent Edge
“Intelligent and safe solutions are both part of the first steps towards a more sustainable deal. What previously was static became dynamic, flexible and pushed the limit towards the digital rather than the physical. Ventilation, lights, heating, products and services are all suited to our modern society. When our world becomes smarter it just does not become a nicer place to live in, it also becomes more sustainable. HPE wants to acknowledge a partner who operates in the limbo between what was possible yesterday, and what will be possible tomorrow. The result tells us that the future is bright!”

"I am so proud. At Advania, we have a clear long-term focus of having the most satisfied customers in Sweden. The partnership with HP and HPE is crucial for our possibility to achieve our high goals. The Guldmyran prizes proves that our focus to create new, innovative and digital solutions to our customers really pays off. I want to thank all of my co-workers, at Advania as well as within our partner organizations HPE, Aruba, HP, TD Tech Data, Ingram and Arrow", says Tomas Wanselius, CEO of Advania Sverige AB.