Advania Sweden get choosed in an agile procurement regarding digital collaboration on the North European market

Since Tyréns, a leading consulting company within engineering and design, founded their new business group, a need for improved communication between the countries was discovered. To allow for growth and cooperation an adjustment of the digital transfer of information was required. "Our goal is to seize the opportunity of this digital transformation.", says Tyréns CIO Ylva Berg.

Ylva Berg, CIO, Tyréns Group

The digital transformation has a great impact on the construction sector. One of the organizations that enables this process is Tyréns, one of the leading consulting companies within engineering and design. When Tyréns founded its business group a year ago it was a result of a merger between several international companies in Sweden, Denmark, England, Estonia and Lithuania. The business group has 3 000 professionals.

Today, Information Technology, Research & Innovation and Business Area X are represented in the board. All of which state a clear target for where the goal is set. The groups’ visionary is clearly represented in the structure of the organization. Tyréns is a foundation and reinvests big parts of their income in different development projects. This allows for long-term persistence, says the new CIO Ylva Berg.

The founding of the business group led to new opportunities for digital cooperation between countries and offices. Tyréns decided to implement a digital transformation of their own, in order of creating a sustainable infrastructure and architecture that enabled further collaboration. Ylva Berg led the recently finished procurement regarding a project to create a shared platform for information.

Advania won the procurement and have started the project that will run through 2020. This was a so-called agile procurement which means that the client favors an open and honest dialogue. The supplier presents their best solutions but is also encouraged to challenge the client’s way of thinking.

We can see that the digitalization is going to change our industry by its very foundation. Advanias solution makes it possible for us to develop our own business in the way that we want. The solution is even better than the best practice we envisioned; we feel safe that the collaboration will work well. This is exactly what every real partnership should be like. We have a well-motivated team, sharing a common goal and recognizing each other’s company cultures and way of working. As a client you deserve the best supplier - we cannot stress that enough., says Ylva Berg, CIO, Tyréns.

With this project, which also includes identity management, Office 365 and Azure, Ylva wants to encourage increased efficiency within the business group.

Collaboration is always in focus for Advania. The partnership with Tyréns comes naturally to us, we share the same culture and vision. We look forward to helping Tyréns in every step towards our shared goal: simplified communication for the groups' professionals. Together we will support Tyréns expansion in Northern Europe., says Fredrik Örnhall, Sales and Delivery Manager, Managed Services, Advania Sweden.