Advania Sweden has successfully been able to continue the growth in 2020 with 120 new employees

For many, 2020 has been a year marked by severances and redundancies. But it has also been a year where the digitalisation has moved forward faster than ever. Increased demand and focus on the customer have enabled the IT company Advania to continue its set growth journey in 2020 – and during the year, 120 new employees were hired. 

In 2020, Advania Sweden hired 120 new employees, where the total number of employees was 614 at the end of the year.

Advania, a company whoffers IT services with measurable results to companies, agencies and public enterprises, has shown a strong growth in 2020 despite times of uncertainty and change. The combination of retaining and developing existing customers together with a parallel effort to establish new business resulted in an increased need to strengthen the workforce internally. 

– When we understood the extent of covid-19, we, like many others, thought about how the pandemic would affect us and our customers. It did not take long before we mobilized and decided to continue doing what we do best: making it easy for our customers to grow with IT. The pandemic has significantly increased the pace of digitalisation and change, and that is where we are contributing – which is completely in line with our growth strategy, says Tomas Wanselius, CEO of Advania Sweden. 

As customer focus is a consistent theme in Advania's operations, and many decisions are made in close contact with the customers, flexibility and transparency are two important keywords for Advanias employees. During the growth journey, the focus has been on maintaining Advanias corporate culture, where authenticity, humility and delegated responsibility are important keystones. 

Advanias HR function has played a significant role in the company’s transformation work, with a focus on creating security and understanding among employees, but also on being aware of customers’ needs and challenges. Despite a changed way of working – with teleworking, new forms of meetings and fewer travels – Advania has remained consistent in its ability to meet deliveries and commitments based on current conditions and restrictions. The result is striking. During the previous year, Advania hired 120 new employees in response to the company's successful adjustment and adaptability. 

– We at HR have a dedicated focus on flexibility, adaptability, and presence. Advania has had steady growth over the past year, both on the business side and on the employee side, and without our employees it would never have been possible. For us, it was important to change quickly with consideration of the employees' moods and needs. Everyone in the organization has taken on a great responsibility, been proactive and helped themselves in aiding the organization to lose neither momentum, nor motivation, Magnus Wemby, HR director, Advania Sweden, says. 

– Our knowledge, experience and presence with our customers have been crucial to our success, and we are constantly on the lookout for new talents. Because of this it feels great to have had the opportunity to hire 120 new colleagues during the past year, despite the pandemic. Our success lies in the fact that we are in close contact with the customer and that we focus on helping them develop their businesses. Customers demand so much more than technology today and want us to be strategic advisors in the decisions they make, which of course feels fantastic, Tomas Wanselius continues. 

Advania's focus area for 2021 remains the same – to be agile, flexible, and goal-oriented – with consideration to the well-being of the organization and the customer. With the new majority owner, Advania will be able to continue growing both organically and through acquisitions.