We believe in long-term & intimate relationships between clients & IT providers. We believe in the importance of mutual trust and common goals. We focus on creating value for our customers with clever use of IT, superior service and creative collaboration. We prepare for any situation, approach all assignments with straight-forward attitude and strive to make IT more human.

The solutions and services provided are built through a process of thoughtful integration and localization of existing best-in-class solutions, each carefully chosen to solve the clients’ needs and then tailored to fit their business environment.

Managed Services

Advania offers a variety of managed services where clients can offload specific IT operations to us. It means that Advania assumes ongoing responsibility for operating, administrating, monitoring and managing of selected IT systems, services and functions. In each case we adjust the service level agreements to the customer's needs.

Process Management

Advania provides IT solutions to automate, streamline, measure, document and stimulate business and IT processes. We support customers in improving productivity and create value with clever use of IT.

IT infrastructure & Integration

Highly experienced IT architects and consultants make Advania the Nordic region’s most experienced provider of IT infrastructure and Integration services. We offer expertise and solutions that enhance the customer’s performance and IT functionality.

Communication Centers

Advania helps clients to interact with their customers in a modern, efficient and unified way to create a consistent customer experience, no matter the communication channel. With our solutions, users can manage all types of customer interaction through a single platform, as a multi cloud-based solution with unlimited scalability, or on premises.




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