Our Management team

Our customer-centric and decentralised approach means, among other things, that we strongly believe that the power lies in the countries where our customers and our employees are located. Our leaders' primary mission is to develop our talents so that we continually take Advania and our customers to the next level.

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Advania group

Management team

Group CEO

Hege Støre

Strategy and Culture Executive

Mikael Noaksson

Group CFO

Lilja Brynja Skúladóttir

Head of M&A

Henrik Foyn-Laukvik

CEO Advania Sweden

Tomas Wanselius

CEO Advania Norway

Espen Hartz

CEO Advania Iceland

Ægir Már Þórisson

CEO Advania Finland

Atte Kekkonen

CEO Content + Cloud

Geoff Kneen

CEO Denmark

Sigurdur Thorsteinsson

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