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Notification to customers about the update of networking systems at our data centers

In the coming weeks we will upgrade the networking systems of our data centers significantly.

In the coming weeks we will upgrade the networking systems of our data centers significantly. This will provide you with more operational reliablity and improve uptime. To minimize the impact on your services we will only work on this upgrade during nights, two days a week. We will notify you well in advance of everything that might cause downtime. If downtime occurs it will only be for a few minutes at a time.  Should you have any questions please don´t hesitate to contact us on regards,Advania Technical Support  


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Advania is one of the strongest and most comprehensive system integrators in Sweden. We help our clients in the areas of IT outsourcing, process automation, contact center and IT infrastructure and integration solutions. In 2014 Advania Sweden was ranked as one of the highest of all IT vendors delivering most value to their customers.


Advania in Iceland offers a one stop shop for everything related to IT. This includes ERP systems, software and system integration, IT operations, hosting, cloud and data centre services, web solutions and consulting.


Advania Norway provides industry-specific business systems and associated services to medium sized and large enterprises. These include ERP systems, Business Intelligence solutions and integration tools.

Advania is a leading Nordic IT company which offers diverse services and solutions which include software, ERP systems, consulting, hardware, IT operations, hosting and data centre services. Advania covers information technology from A to Z, offering its customers a one-stop-shop for integrated IT services and solutions.