Advania Group welcomes Henrik Schibler as new CFO
Management Apr 24, 2024 5:09:10 PM

Advania Group welcomes Henrik Schibler as new CFO

Advania is proud to announce the appointment of Henrik Schibler as its new Group Chief Financial Officer (CFO), effective early August. In this pivotal role, Henrik will lead the charge in shaping the company's financial strategy and help steer its overall direction. His wealth of expertise and fresh perspectives, including extensive capital market experience, make him an important asset for Hege Støre, the Group CEO, the board of directors and the business units.

Driving growth and innovation

Over the past five years, Advania has experienced impressive growth, firmly establishing itself as a frontrunner in the technology mid-market services sector. With a steadfast commitment to delivering exceptional value to its customers, Advania has witnessed exponential growth through organic expansion and strategic acquisitions. This dedication has propelled Advania towards its goal of becoming the leading technology service provider for the mid-market in Northern Europe with 5,000 employees in six countries.

Excellence from people and value

At the heart of Advania's success lies its commitment to its people and values. Schibler's appointment underscores Advania's dedication to attracting top talent and fostering a culture of innovation, excellence, and collaboration. The collaborative effort between Schibler and Lilja Brynja Skúladóttir as deputy CFO highlights Advania's commitment to leveraging the collective expertise of its leadership team, ensuring a cohesive approach to achieving shared objectives and driving sustainable growth.