Acquisition 2021.05.07

Advania grows its business in Denmark - acquires the hosting specialist Genia ApS

Advania AB, a leading full-service IT provider in the Nordics Europe, has acquired Genia ApS, a hosting specialist in Denmark.

In a joint statement Kristian Hansen CEO of Genia and Carsten Weis CEO of Advania Denmark say:

“When IT operations and business operations are one and the same, it is the terms and focus of the business that apply to CIOs. Risks need to be mitigated proactively and effectively through increased agility, intelligent security, and the transition from capital-intensive IT functions to as-a-Service solutions. Allocating resources and managing administrative processes must be simplified, automated, and self-service enabled where possible. Stable IT operation and fast problem-solving demands 24/7 access to full-time experts and monitoring services - also when companies do not have full-time positions for this. Both our companies have seen significant increase in demand for our knowhow, solutions, and services. Together we can deliver more value to even the most demanding projects. CIOs can rest assured that both their current and future demands can be met by Advania Denmark."

About Genia ApS

Since 2008, Genia ApS has been providing IT products, services, and consulting across the three business areas: IT Operations & Support, Cloud & Hosting and On-premises IT.

With 12 employees, Genia focus on delivering managed services on modern hyper converging IT infrastructure (HCI) based on HPE SimpliVity design and technology. With strong competence within Microsoft 365 and Azure, Genia is advising and assisting clients with license optimization, security, and efficient deployment of Microsoft 365. The company provides hosting and data protection services from its own data centers in Taastrup and Glostrup.

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