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Partner 2023.03.08

Dell Technologies appoints Hege Støre to their Women in Channel Hall of Fame

To mark International Women’s Day on March 8th, 2023, Dell Technologies presents a small selection of the many hundreds of amazing women in the Dell Technologies channel community who are making an indelible impact in the world of IT.

Advania Group is proud to announce that our CEO Hege Støre is one of them. We talked to Hege about her view on working in IT and how tech is a game changer in bridging the gender gap.

Why do you love working in IT?

I have been in the IT industry for nearly 30-years and have worked in very exciting companies like Microsoft and several other Norwegian tech companies. I have learned a lot from very talented and inspiring people. IT is still a young and innovative industry with a dynamic work environment and exciting possibilities. Today IT is at the core of all industries, and our main business is to explore how technology can be used to achieve our customers’ vision.

As a CEO, I am passionate about what Advania as a tech company stands for, and at the same time I am also incredibly committed to issues related to sustainability and diversity. I firmly believe that both our customers and society as a whole need to pay extra attention to these areas going forward.

I assume that our owners saw this as an important success factor for the future and knew that I would be able to make a difference not only from a business perspective but also with my commitment to the environment and people. Getting an opportunity like that is why I just love working in the IT industry.

Complete this sentence for us: Technology is a game changer because…

Technology is a game changer because you can increase both efficiency and profit and be even more competitive and able to attract new talents. I strongly believe that technology along with a great culture and the best people is a game changer for any business.

Do you think technology has closed the gender gap?

No, I don’t - but we can see that it’s easier to attract women to certain positions. We can also see, based on the numbers of younger talents, that the number of female applicants is increasing. Research shows that Women occupy only 22 percent of all tech roles across European companies [1]. I think the IT industry is focusing more on trying to close the gender gap today. We need more IT competence in total, and we need to utilise the entire talent base. This is the way to decrease the gender gap. Hopefully, we will see a more balanced workforce based on diversity in the coming years.

What advice would you give to a young woman choosing IT as a career?

  • Be yourself and believe that you are good enough.
  • Find a mentor, someone who supports you and wants you to succeed.
  • Dare to take on new tasks and more responsibility, be curious!
  • Always focus on your existing role and tasks, have fun, and create your work-life balance.
  • Be business oriented: sales is always a good experience.

Why work in the IT industry?

It’s fun, gives you a lot of opportunities and a chance to shape the future!

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[1] Proprietary analysis on the European workforce conducted by McKinsey jointly with Eightfold AI,, retrieved 6 March, 2023