Tech solutions for a sustainable future
Sustainability Mar 14, 2024 9:11:45 AM

Tech solutions for a sustainable future

In a recent interview with IT news and analysis source Silicon UK, Advania's Helena Nordin discussed the role of tech when it comes to sustainability and what we at Advania do to balance our impact. 

Helena Nordin, Head of Corporate Responsibility, Advania Group and Chief Sustainability Officer Advania Sverige explained to Silicon UK, how Advania leverages technology to reduce our impact on the environment:

Technology brings both positive and negative implications for sustainability. It can be a powerful tool for creating a more eco-friendly society, but we also need to be aware of potential drawbacks and their social and environmental consequences. It’s a complex issue, and we need to address both sides responsibly, Helena says.

Shifting towards circular solutions

At Advania, we help our clients leverage AI, cloud solutions, and other technologies to improve resource efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of major sectors like transportation, food production, and construction. However, we also recognise that the IT industry itself consumes significant resources and energy. For this reason, we advocate for a shift towards circularity within the sector, moving away from traditional linear models towards responsible management throughout the entire life cycle of technology. Recognising this need, Advania Sweden has invested in a logistics centre to gain control over our IT hardware’s lifecycle and contribute to the transition towards a more circular economy, Helena concludes.

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