Press release: Advania Unveils IT Equipment Recycling Centre
Sustainability 2023.10.24

Advania unveils IT equipment recycling centre

In response to long-standing demand from its clients, Advania is now launching a pioneering IT equipment recycling center to address widespread waste management issues in the IT sector. The facility's core function is to repair and refurbish used IT equipment, revitalising it to optimum condition before re-entering the market.

Addressing industry-wide waste challenge

"This initiative underlines our commitment to promoting sustainability and responsible resource management within the IT sector,” says Group CEO Hege Støre, who views this as a pressing issue long ignored by the industry.

Advania's sustainable centre for circular IT equipment will be located in Enköping, Sweden. The centre will act as Advania’s hub for reclaiming and recycling IT equipment, with the capacity to refurbish up to one million IT devices annually.

The groundwork will commence in November 2023, and the facility is anticipated to be completed by December 2024. 

High sustainability standards

Hege StøreThe centre adheres to high sustainability standards, aiming for compliance with the international environmental certification BREEAM-SE at the Excellent level and the Swedish standard NollC02. The building will be powered by solar energy and feature geothermal heating with passive cooling. It will also offer electric vehicle charging.

"We are immensely proud to assume even greater responsibility for sustainable IT delivery by extending the lifespan of IT equipment. This is a strategic initiative designed to meet our ambitious sustainability goals and establish an even more robust circular management system for IT hardware," says Hege Støre, CEO of Advania Group.

Electronic waste is one of the world's fastest-growing waste streams. The greatest environmental impact for many IT products occurs during manufacturing. Consequently, each computer and IT device reintroduced into a sustainable usage cycle benefits both the businesses involved and the environment.

Key Facts

  • Global waste from electronic equipment is expected to increase from 44 million tonnes in 2014 to 75 million tonnes in 2030, nearly doubling in 16 years.
  • Only 17% of electronic equipment is adequately recycled globally. High-value recyclable materials like gold, silver, copper, and platinum are often discarded rather than recovered, with an estimated value of 57 billion USD (2019).
  • Reusing a laptop instead of purchasing a new one can save over 200 kg of greenhouse gas emissions. Similarly, reusing a computer screen can save over 500 kg of greenhouse gas emissions.

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