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Advania Group 2023.11.09

Advania welcomes new visionaries for its board of directors

Advania’s owners continuously seek out exceptional talents to infuse new energy into its board of directors. With great excitement, we introduce three of the latest additions to the board, who join us as a testament to this commitment.

Marianne Horstmann
Marianne Horstmann is an IT industry luminary with over 25 years of experience. Marianne's outstanding achievements include her role as CEO at NetDesign, where she masterminded a transformation into a lean digital service provider. Her impressive background encompasses hardware sales, recurring revenue management, and even a position on the Danish Government's Cyber Security Council. Horstmann is a crucial link connecting the group board with Advania Denmark. Armed with a master’s in electrical engineering, Marianne represents the embodiment of tech expertise.

Lill Beate Pedersen
Lill Beate Pedersen is a versatile professional with over a decade of IT experience and two decades in finance management and business development. Pedersen serves as a vital conduit between the central group board and Advania Norway. Her academic prowess shines with a master’s degree in business administration and economics from the prestigious Norwegian School of Management (BI). Lill Beate's addition is a testament to the company's commitment to financial precision and strategic prowess.

Artti Aurasmaa
Artti Aurasmaa is a dynamic leader with over a decade in the IT sector and more than two decades of financial and business development expertise. His track record includes crucial positions like CFO and CEO at ‘3 Step IT Group,’ where he spearheaded a decade of transformative growth. Artti's leadership journey extended through several high-profile companies, marking him as a pivotal addition to Advania's board. In addition, Aurasmaa will establish a vital connection, enabling seamless communication between the group board and Advania Finland.

A bouquet of competence
While we warmly welcome Marianne, Lill Beate, and Artti, we fondly acknowledge the remarkable contributions of Franck Cohen, Live Haukvik, and Paul Nannetti, who have left indelible marks on Advania. 
Advania is “The tech company with people at heart” and this promise extends to every facet of Advania, including its board of directors. The existing board members, including Gestur G. Gestsson, chairman, Mikael Noaksson, Benjamin Kramarz, Tania Howarth, Maria Brunow, Elisabeth Vestin, Alirea Etemad, Michael Bruun, Carol Roche Austin and Colin Brown, form a cohesive team that exemplifies excellence and innovation. With the injection of these fresh faces, this already impressive team is set to become a bouquet of competence, strategic smarts and visionary leadership. 

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