Sustainable supply chain

The global IT and electronics supply chain is associated with risks related to negative environmental impact and inadequate working conditions in the extraction of raw materials and in the manufacture of components and products. Examples of these risks are forced or child labour, excessive working hours, low wages, and discrimination. Other challenges include the denial of rights such as freedom of association and collective bargaining. Improving supply chain conditions requires systematic and long-term efforts from all stakeholders.

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Group goals

Advania’s purchasing and supply chain

Advania Group’s most significant purchases are IT hardware, software and storage, transport, and other services. We work with thousands of suppliers, but it is a relatively small number of suppliers who account for the majority of the Group’s spend. In 2021, 19 major direct suppliers accounted for over 80 percent of Advania Group’s product spend.

Advania Group’s goal is to ensure high competence and awareness of information security among all employees, so they are able to deliver vital customer assignments: Employees educated in information security: 100%

Our suppliers are mainly located in Europe, Asia, and the US. Many of our suppliers do not have their own manufacturing operations, so they outsource production to subcontractors. This is one reason why our membership in the RBA is valuable to us, as we gain a fuller picture of our value chain including manufacturing.

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Activities and progress

The Responsible Business Alliance

The RBA is the world’s largest industry coalition dedicated to corporate social responsibility in global supply chains. Advania has been a member since 2019.

Joint Code of Conduct

The RBA Code of Conduct promotes good working conditions in the electronics industry, and industries in which electronics are sourced or produced.


Supplier assessment process

Advania’s Group goal is to assess the compliance of all major suppliers with the Codes of Conduct of both Advania and the RBA.