As a leading IT service provider in Northern Europe, Advania plays a pivotal role in fostering sustainable development. Our purpose is to empower people to create sustainable value with the clever use of technology, and 2023 held important milestones in delivering on our purpose.

Sustainability Advania Group
Highlights 2023

Milestones during the year

The Group took several initiatives in 2023 to integrate key sustainability goals in its operations, generating several notable outcomes.

  • Advania Iceland and Sweden’s near-term climate targets have been approved by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), making Advania the first Icelandic IT company to have its reduction targets for carbon emissions approved.
  • The adoption of 'The tech company with people at heart' as the new brand promise and 'Our difference is you' as the new employer value proposition, to harmonise the group’s branding across all regions.
  • Throughout the year, Advania made strategic acquisitions and divestments. Advania Finland acquired the Apple hardware division of Core Service Oy, enhancing its consulting and service capabilities as well as its status as an authorised product reseller. In Sweden, Advania acquired RTS Group AB, a private IT services company specialising in large-scale digital transformation projects and managed services.
Common approach – local adaptation

Material Sustainability Aspects for Advania

We believe that tech is created for people and are aware that our services impact every part of life.

In 2022, Advania Group conducted our first joint materiality assessment covering all companies in the group. Since Advania Group has grown significantly during the last years, both in terms of size, the products we provide and the geographical markets we operate in, applying a group perspective on our impact within sustainability is necessary.

In 2023, Advania initiated the process of reviewing and refining the materiality assessment based on the updated versions of the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS), published in July 2023. The goal was to both ensure alignment with the CSRD, and to strengthen our sustainability strategy. There was significant progress during 2023 and the work will continue in 2024, focusing on elaborating our material sustainability impacts, risks, and opportunities, and integrating them in the business strategy.

We have identified 9 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as being particularly relevant to our business. These, together with the materiality analysis we carried out in 2022, form the basis of our sustainability strategy.

Sustainable development goal 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 12, 13, 16 and 17

You can find further information on the materiality analysis and our strategy in our latest sustainability report.

Launching 2023's Sustainability Report

A word from our Group CEO

Hege launching Sustainability Report 2023
Our sustainability strategy

Advania’s focus areas

Our company
  • Attractive workplace
  • Diverse, equal and inclusive workplace
  • Ethical and transparent company
  • Climate smart operation
Our value chain
Our value chain
  • Responsible supply chain management
  • Responsible e-waste management
Our offerings
  • Personal integrity and information security
  • Circular economy
  • Digitalisation and innovation for a sustainable society
Icon globe
Our society
  • Act as a positive force in the society
What we do

Creating value in our society

Advania and the tech industry have an important role to play in creating and developing a more sustainable society. We have a responsibility to reduce the negative impact our products and services cause on people and the planet and shift our business models to more circular offerings.

Common approach – local adaptation

Advania has defined a new common sustainability strategy for the entire group during 2022. The new strategy includes guidance on how to prioritise the focus areas and material aspects. Since Advania’s companies in each country vary in business operations and size, each country sets its own ambition level. All countries work towards common group goals, with the option to add locally selected goals.

These illustrations show a few examples of how Advania creates value in society:



Hege Støre, Advania Group CEO

Looking ahead

"As we continue our sustainability journey, I want to express my profound pride in our employees. Their unwavering dedication, embodied by a ‘smart by heart’ ethos, ensures that every action we take is deeply rooted in the best interests of our customers. It’s this mindset that truly embodies The Advania Way and keeps us humble but optimistic on our path towards continued sustainable development and growth for Advania."

Hege Støre, Group CEO