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Leading the way: female role models at Advania Group

The road to working in tech rarely is a linear journey, but this is also what challenges and attracts the people who thrive at Advania. For International Women’s Day, we interviewed female role models from across the group and found a variety of backgrounds, competences, and perspectives.

At Advania Sweden, Marketing Director Eva-Lotta Jonsvik and Maria Deogun, Business Area Manager were interviewed and shared their opinion that diversity, equality, and inclusion is a continuous effort. Both are members of Advania Sweden's management team and agree on the broad impact tech has on society as well as the the opportunity to constantly evolve in an industry that never stands still.

"The tech industry is open to all people, not just those who are passionate about technology. You have every opportunity to contribute your expertise and make a difference." Eva-Lotta Jonsvik, Marketing Director.

"Advania's decision to train all leaders in inclusive communication and leadership is the first step towards inclusion, as you get an increased awareness but also an understanding of how important it is to face each other as individuals regardless of gender or ethnic background." Maria Deogun, Business Area Manager.

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Advania Norway is taking the opportunity to host a lecture and panel discussions on gender equality, allyship and diversity in the workplace. The program for this Friday's event includes several passionate speakers, including our own Group CEO Hege Støre.

In the days leading up to the event, Advania Norway shared some of their female employees’ opinions on working in the tech industry and their notions about what to improve:

"The best part is the sense of belonging with my colleagues and the fact that I constantly feel development." Monica Larsen, Teamleader, Customer Services.

"I think each individual company can make itself even more attractive to women by creating a meeting place for women within the company, so that talented women can meet and exchange ideas." Stine Jansen, HR Business Partner.

"We need to get better at showing all the facets IT has. The number of different areas that IT taps into just increases every day. 'IT as a purpose' is a value women respond to." Anne Catherine, IT and Service Manager,

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Advania Finland interviewed female employees about how they got into the IT industry and their opinions on working in tech. These career stories range from chance encounters to family connections, and the goal of sharing them is to encourage more women to apply into the field of tech:

“I ended up in the technology sector when we got new computers at the School of Business. After years as a coder, I worked in the carpentry industry for a few years, after which I returned to IT." Raija Johansson, System Specialist

"When I had to start thinking about what I would do when I grew up, applying to the IT field was natural and turned out to be a good decision." Miia Koskinen, Service Crisis Manager.

"The roles and job descriptions that interest me have just happened to be in the IT industry!" Kia Brandt, Bid Manager.

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Advania Denmark features strong and inspiring female leadership by sharing their stories and ideas:

"There are so many roles and opportunities in IT. We need to get even better at informing and communicating about them in an attractive way." Karin Brandt, Service Delivery Manager.

"It has to start at school! Young girls need to realise that they can get results.  It works for STEM, so IT can do it too." Carolina Garcia Santacruz, Senior Infrastructure Specialist.

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