Sustainable Advania

Supporting our clients’ sustainability efforts begins with working on ourselves. We pursue a range of environmental and social objectives to become a better employer, business partner and corporate citizen.

A fast-growing company

We are Advania

Advania is a fast-growing company. During 2021, our average number of employees was 1,372 highly skilled individuals who share a passion for IT and digitalisation. Our 320 female and 1,052 male employees all strive to make it easy for our customers to grow with IT in a sustainable way. During 2022, the company will more than double with organic growth as well as integrating the companies acquired in 2021.

During 2021, Advania operated in all Nordic countries: Sweden, Iceland, Finland, Norway, and Denmark. With the acquisition of the UK based company Content+Cloud in December, Advania is now a Northern European Group.

To be able to introduce our many new colleagues to Advania during the pandemic, we transformed our onboarding programme into a hybrid version. Some parts of the programme were carried out digitally and others at our offices, according to the needs and preferences of our employees. Read more about our efforts towards digital transformation while attracting, nurturing and retaining highly qualified people:

Helena Nordin

Business ethics and transparency

"Advania is expected to work proactively to prevent corruption and other business ethics legislation in all countries where we operate. Combined with Advania's focus on Agenda 2030 and the Sustainability Goals, a Group-wide approach to compliance feels timely."

Attractive workplace


Employee satisfaction

Our goals are to boost and maintain employee commitment and engagement. Strengthening employee well-being and satisfaction was among our top priorities in all countries during 2021.

Healthy workplace

Advania promotes health, takes preventive action against all forms of illhealth, and offers a good and safe work environment free from discrimination and where all people have an equal value.


Competence development

When it comes to human resource management, taking care of our staff is our most important undertaking.  We want our employees to feel good, stay healthy, and continuously develop.