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The tech company with people at heart

Tech is created for people. Our services impact  every part of life. We are passionate about understanding your issues, your business,  your needs. Our business is built around understanding people, and our employees are empowered to act on this understanding every day.

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The tech company with people at heart

Advania is a different kind of tech company. We put people first: in everything we do, all the time. We are well on our way to becoming the leading technology service provider for the mid market in Northern Europe. And we do it our way, with a strong sense of who we are, how we are different, and how we create continued success for our customers.


"We want to be close to our customers"

Advania has chosen Customer Intimacy as our strategy. We want to be close to our customers. We do not just mean answering the phone on time and generally having a good service. We want to understand the customers needs and businesses in depth and offer solutions that really help them become more efficient, profitable or whatever their business needs are. The only way to achieve this is through a long-term relationship that is rewarding for both parties.

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Why Advania

When you choose Advania, you choose this

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Customer centric

We are in the business of making life easier for our clients and aid them in creating value. We believe that IT is a people business, where value is created by people for people, and long-term customer-provider relationships.

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Nurturing talent

We work actively to create an attractive workplace in order to be able to recruit, retain and develop employees with the right skills. All our employees should participate in working life on equal terms.

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Sustainable business

A digitalized world is absolutely necessary to achieve the resource-efficient society we need. The ongoing digital transformation is an important part of the solution to the sustainability challenges.

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Local businesses

We offer Managed services, Professional services and IT infrastructure in Northern Europe including cross-boarder data center services, communication centers, and a unique, all encompassing cloud portal.

Our business is local

We are in the business of making life easier for our clients and help them in creating value.

Managed services

Advania offers a variety of managed services where clients can professionally outsource specific IT operations. That means Advania assumes ongoing responsibility for operating, administrating, monitoring and managing of selected IT systems, services, and functions. In each case, Advania adjusts the service level agreements to the customer's needs.

IT infrastructure and integration

Advania offers solutions for IT infrastructure, integration projects, consultancy and product support. Advania has data center solutions, IT platform projects, virtualization solutions, solutions focused on identity and access, as well as development, integration, and support of both software and hardware. Highly experienced IT architects and consultants make Advania the Nordic region’s most experienced provider of IT infrastructure and Integration services.

Professional services

Advania provides a broad array of consulting services, software development, eBusiness services and infrastructure solutions for private and public bodies, local and international customer. In the most demanding cases, Advania Professional Services delivers the results needed for successful IT operation.

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Advania launches Sustainability Report for 2023

Advania AB (Advania Group) is pleased to announce the release of its sustainability report for 2023. The report outlines a unified sustainability strategy across Advania and details each country's commitment within the group...